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KEIKO, practical study

Keiko is given in traditional Japanese manner. All levels students are welcome to start keiko at London Branch.

Beginners (nyumon, konarai) and intermediate (shikaden) level keiko are on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Advanced level keiko are scheduled on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.

For further keiko details please email to



CHAKAI, tea gatherings. Students are invited to take part in gatherings such as Hatsudate-shiki, New Year's gathering, Rikyu-ki; Rikyu's memorial; Robiraki, opening of hearth gathering.

WORKSHOPS. Chashaku, tea scoop, carving; wagashi, basics of sweet making; haigata, ash form making; among others are organised throughout the year on demand.

KOSHUKAI, intensive course. Weekend intensive courses aiming to practice temae, procedures of making matcha, and study of chado related fields.

BRITISH MUSEUM PRESENTATIONS are given by Urasenke Tankokai UK members. A brief talk introducing the art form is followed by procedure of making matcha in the chashitsu, tea room. Where: Mitsubishi Galleries, 5th floor. When: most 2nd and 4th Friday. Starting times: 2pm and 3 pm. Open to the public. Free just drop in. Visit British Museum 'What's On' to check dates.