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Urasenke Tankokai UK Association

Urasenke Tankokai UK Association activities have started in November 2009 with a chado presentation at the Rikkyo Gakuen. The UK Association was officially launched by Urasenke's Grand Master, Soshitsu Sen XV, in September 2011.

The Urasenke Foundation has Tankokai Associations in 36 countries around the world. These Associations are joined by people interested in supporting the Urasenke activities in their communities as well as deepen their chado knowledge through keiko, study groups and seminars. For membership information email

Tankokai Organisations origins
This membership organisation, whose Chairman is Grand Master Zabosai SEN Soshitsu XVI and Honorary President is Former Grand Master Hounsai SEN (Soshitsu XV) Genshitsu, was initiated in 1940, to unify the numerous Urasenke study groups and practitioners in Japan.
In 1953, it was regisitered by the Ministry of Education , Science, and Culture as an incorporated body. Its aims are to ensure the standardisation of the Urasenke chanoyu rules and tea-making procedures (temae), support research, encourage cooperation and exchange among all members, promote the practice of the principles laid down by the Grand Master, and expand the chado population around the world. Also, it provides support for the purposes and activities of the Urasenke Foundation.

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